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Licensing Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all licensing agreements for all license partners and assist to transmit all reports and maintain database and reconcile for same.

Maintain and update all distribution list and manage all correspondence with licensed partners.

Resolve all queries and collaborate with faculty members to perform required research.

Evaluate all invention disclosures and design all required marketing materials and coordinate with inventors and patent counsel to manage all patent filing.

Develop all licensed technologies and provide education for all faculty members and staff and manage all intellectual property.

Perform all invention disclosure and evaluate all inventions for appropriate industry and establish all intellectual property protection.

Identify all potential licenses and design all efficient marketing techniques.

Participate in various conferences and design all non disclosure agreements and maintain confidentiality of all information.

Design all licensing strategies for all market data and establish all licensing invention and design all agreements with licenses and evaluate all invention documents.

Administer all inventions and monitor efficient transfer of same to all third party licensees.

Collaborate with general counsel to ensure compliance to all firm legal provisions and implement all patent and expenses.

Monitor and resolve all intellectual property issues and develop all invention rights and design all license agreements.

Manage all licensees and ensure all royalty payments within required timeframe and coordinate with general counsel to resolve all strategies.

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