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Licensing Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor and approve all artwork and administer everyday questions of all licensors and track and analyze all royalty reports efficiently.

Coordinate with licensors and design all product ideas and manage all communication with organization design and sales team.

Design an efficient annual business plans and maintain professional relationships with all licensors.

Collaborate with brand director to design all brand strategies for new product development.

Obtain all necessary approvals for licensors for all product concepts and pre production samples and resolve all issues efficiently.

Coordinate with product and design teams for developing all new products.

Participate in all meetings and perform required market research.

Prepare all presentations for prototypes and mock up samples and manage all communication for all new product development.

Deliver all mail and process all approvals and receive and maintain record of all submissions.

Administer all changes for marketing and creative teams.

Manage all communication for product approvals and product samples.

Develop and maintain relationships with all functional departments.

Ensure compliance to all product safety test procedures and conduct orientation programs for all new licensees and facilitate all approval process.

Maintain all wholesale and retail prices and prepare all retail presentations for all marketing materials and samples.

Maintain record of all product archive and ensure compliance to all timeframe for various product launches and monitor all product request samples.

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