Zookeeper Responsibilities and Duties

Manage efficient care for all animals and assist in feeding and bathing all animals.

Monitor food and water supplies for all domestic and exotic animals and provide ample supplies for same.

Monitor animals and provide treatment to injuries and illness and prepare appropriate reports.

Maintain and update records for animal care.

Assist veterinarians and manage birth of animals and ensure care for new born.

Administer efficient movement of all animals with various techniques.

Assist visitors in all queries and maintain count of visitors coming to facility.

Operate and maintain all animal care equipments such as cleaners and incubators.

Maintain and ensure neat and clean area for animals and evaluate appropriate water and food for all animals.

Maintain records of all animals and observe well being of all.

Coordinate with director and curator and implement all special projects.

Train staff and volunteers and provide daily care to same.

Collaborate with zookeepers and develop new practices.

Develop nutrition plan for animals and ensure compliance to same.

Monitor animals and ensure appropriate distance between animals and public.

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