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Aviation Maintenance Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Execute aircraft and aviation maintenance as per timelines established by customer, FAA and TIMCO quality standards.

Organize efficient and resourceful work plans.

Perform work safely and efficiently to deliver quality.

Conduct ground operations of aviation maintenance and perform routine inspections and administrative responsibilities.

Check, maintain and troubleshoot aviation maintenance work such as repair of engines, power units, power train systems, rotor systems, propellers and specific electrical parts.

Maintain aircraft components such as fuselage, rotor blades, wings and movable and fixed flight control surfaces.

Repair and service aircraft fuel and hydraulic systems.

Adhere to established operating procedures.

Conduct prompt aircraft maintenance as per schedule.

Ensure aircraft discrepancies are eliminated and comply with set standards to return quickly to flight status.

Maintain and service aircraft assemblies.

Design and construct support devices for aircraft and aviation maintenance.

Execute orderly activity and safe movement including fueling and arrival and departures.

Support crew and passengers’ departure and arrival including baggage handling operations.

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