Business Banking Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with branch managers and senior management and develop various strategies for business development.

Administer and provide comprehensive banking services all small and mid size businesses.

Maintain sales pipeline, keep track of same and maintain good relationships with present clients.

Assist in collection of applicant financial data and provide solutions to cater to individual need.

Monitor all loan application and prepare an efficient loan structure.

Administer cross selling of bank products and services to customers.

Evaluate credit card applications and ensure compliance to current bank policies and regulations.

Ensure compliance all policies and regulations and address any business related issue.

Monitor all issues by regulators and execute various audit points within timeframe.

Develop and provide enhancement to present banking services and product among community.

Develop and maintain effective relationships with small customers and initiate an increase in business.

Analyze customer requirements and develop appropriate banking products.

Participate in various meetings and prepare a strategy for increasing business.

Maintain high quality of all banking assets such as loans and overdrafts.

Ensure optimal levels of customer services at all times.

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