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Loan Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

Administer everyday work and evaluate all incoming faxes and mails and process all principal payments.

Assist to provide all internal approvals for new borrowings and provide support to all documents for all lending personnel.

Prepare and interpret credit agreements and provide regular updates to all legal documents and process all origination fees and closing costs.

Manage all communication with internal lending officers and bank representatives and perform regular investigation to resolve all customer issues efficiently.

Analyze and identify all fee discrepancies in loan processes and perform regular audit on processes and ensure compliance to all requirements.

Manage all department projects and perform various tests and perform enhancements to all loan procedures.

Prepare all departmental reports for all loan processes and prepare all requests and documents all activities in coordination with line partners and legal counsel.

Evaluate all incoming documents and assist business partners to resolve all issues.

Provide assistance to all business units for all ongoing processes and maintain record of all expenses.

Prepare documents and upload all images into electronic file systems and maintain all collateral files.

Assist to close all deals for scanning departments and update all applications for contact info and deal.

Inspect all property order and administer all request loan documents.

Manage all initial requests for emails and prepare all underwriting files and tables of content.

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