Loan Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all borrower information and evaluate all AUS findings and provide support to all borrower documents.

Provide assistance to all borrowers and process all loan flow and assist loan processor to provide optimal level of customer services and manage all loan status communication.

Conduct interview with all applicants and estimate closing date and recommend appropriate corrective steps for all procedures.

Manage all communication with borrowers and maintain all loan approval and perform mortgage for all loan production processes and prepare presentations for all business sources.

Assist all mortgage loan for all customer bases and maintain professional relationships with all customers.

Administer all loan applications and ensure achievement of all customer objectives.

Propose all new loan accounts for customers and administer all loan processes and coordinate with sales director to process all accounts.

Prepare all necessary documents for all home owner insurance and disclosures and assist in disbursement of all funds.

Prepare all loan applications for new mortgage loan applications.

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