Loan Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all lending activities for all consumer loan operations.

Collect all everyday operations and manage all membership service programs and provide required training.

Determine and maintain all internal control on all loan processes.

Manage all collection area and design all appropriate methods and procedures and maintain effectiveness of all loan programs and provide training to all service personnel.

Manage all loan cycle process and determine efficient work plan to achieve all business objectives.

Administer all loan processes and assist to ensure optimal customer services and participate in all improvement activities.

Manage all communication with company supervisors and department heads and administer all loan information workflow and process all database applications.

Manage all interest rates and perform all quality interviews and analyze all financial reports.

Greet all borrowers efficiently over telephone and email and maintain all confidential documents for all lending policies.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all borrowers to answer all questions and analyze all credit reports for qualification processes and document all resources.

Evaluate all documents to maintain accuracy of all electronic files.

Maintain quality for same and analyze all loan information for loan originator and ensure compliance to all deadlines.

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