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Accounts Payable Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain records of individual rebates and prepare records for same.

Maintain account payable systems, analyze its effective and recommend improvements on same.

Administer all projects, ensure work according to technical specifications and manage work as departmental requirement.

Ensure compliance to GAAP regulations and prepare documents for accruals.

Analyze staffing requirements and recommend appropriate rebate budgets for efficient remuneration.

Develop and update journal entries and mange all ledger accounts.

Supervise work of account payable staff and ensure appropriate working.

Determine and evaluate all uncashed checks and open payables for various property filing.

Monitor and analyze all account payable processes and recommend improvements.

Administer all disbursement demands and maintain records for same.

Develop 1099 tax forms and ensure compliance to regulations.

Analyze vendor credit applications and resolve all vendor issues.

Coordinate with internal and external auditors and ensure distribution of appropriate funds.

Supervise all EDI billings and ensure achievement of all company goals.

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