Bioinformatics Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all analysis activities and assist to interpret all biological information.

Manage all genomic and proteomic data and maintain knowledge on all scientific literature and prepare appropriate reports.

Assist all technical customers and provide effective analysis and feedback on all bioinformatics and analyze all data to conduct new experiments and develop new algorithms to process and analyze all data.

Perform research and analysis on all algorithms and coordinate with various teams and provide support to various programs in different therapeutic areas and coordinate with Quality Control engineers and determine all quality programs and analyze root cause of issues.

Gather all primary data and integrate all genomic data from various external sources.

Provide training to community and analyze various genome sequencing projects for various medicine research projects and coordinate with various internal and external customers.

Design and maintain all Quality Control metrics and prepare database to maintain record of all failure and coordinate with quality assurance team and determine all quality control programs for production.

Design various new computational tools for bioinformatics and assemble and prepare data structures and determine an effective data analysis framework.

Assist various departments to design all figures and tables for all grants and participate in all lab meetings and analyze data for all laboratory members.

Administer working of all summer students and process all data and design innovative solutions to analyze and manage all genomic data and provide support to all web based interfaces.

Maintain and compare all data for bioinformatics and perform customization of analysis as required and update all databases as per genomic features and provide scientific support to staff.

Develop and maintain all intranet and external server and provide support to all laboratory protocols and prepare required reports and perform research on all samples for projects.

Provide support to all experimental data and maintain and update development environment for staff and assist all CCGD staff and investigators.

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