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Laboratory Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Provide assistance in various functions of laboratory.

Ensure lab supplies are sufficiently stocked.

Identify chemicals and quantities required to support inventory functions.

Choose and develop apt equipment and instrumentation for laboratory.

Develop testing reagents like buffers and gels on demand.

Ensure to maintain equipment perfectly.

Record document and convey concerned individuals when calibration is overdue or pending.

Operate and manage pH meter, water baths, dissolution, pipettes, thermometers, balances and other lab apparatus.

Conduct pH, particle size along with instrument and hardness calibration.

Ensure to maintain clean work floor and dispose waste appropriately.

Conduct group responsibilities accurately and on time.

Ensure to label chemicals and reagents properly having all needed quality documents.

Conduct regular physical testing of test specimens.

Report or order required laboratory supplies for on time orders and receipt.

Maintain and update laboratory notebooks to ensure conformance to test procedures and specifications.

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