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Client Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage supervisors and account managers team based on client team’s performance expectations.

Convey team needs and goals to management.

Recommend changes for organizational and process improvement.

Define precisely team methods and best practices for client operations.

Allocate resources daily and weekly to adjust team focus towards goals attainment.

Plan and lead regular meetings with team to discuss present and future issues/updates.

Monitor reports for any issues and convey concerns to directors and VP’s.

Identify, develop and implement solutions to resolve issues.

Support company and team vision and values through role modeling and coach desired behaviors.

Design and develop programs and processes to support desired results.

Collaborate with client operations and production teams to know client business thoroughly.

Contribute client operations knowledge to overall Eagle knowledge management.

Participate in client lifecycle initial stages to share ownership of key implementation decisions.

Influence decisions based on post-implementation operations and long-term client success.

Develop and manage clear communication plans.

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