General Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Plan, coordinate and manage all business operations to achieve corporate goals.

Develop and implement business plan for profitability.

Assist in budget preparation and expense management activities.

Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing program and recommend improvements.

Develop strategies to improve overall quality and productivity.

Generate business, cost and employee reports to management.

Schedule regular team meetings to discuss about business updates, issues and recommendations.

Respond to employee concerns in timely manner.

Provide direction and guidance to employees in their assigned job duties.

Determine staffing requirements and ensure that office positions are filled promptly.

Assist in employee recruitment, training, performance evaluation, promotion and termination activities.

Manage orientations and exit interviews for employees.

Ensure that employees follow company policies and procedures.

Manage administrative, logistical, human resources, and accounting services to support company operations.

Address customer inquiries promptly and professionally and ensure customer satisfaction.

Identify business opportunities with new and existing customers.

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