International Business Development Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor effective implementation of international business development activities.

Develop individual business plans for each country.

Administer and develop initiatives to increase sales and market development activities.

Analyze business strategies and develop improvement plans for same to provide appropriate growth to business.

Manage all development process and ensure compliance to government policies and regulations.

Assist businesses to identify opportunities and develop strategic plans to enhance same.

Design plans to achieve all objectives and develop plans for new business.

Train and provide guidance to staff members and business development issues.

Coordinate with management team and maintain budgets and participate in every fortnightly conference.

Analyze business and review future prospective for same.

Manage all customer communication and maintain effective relationship with all.

Prepare and implement various capture methods for business development.

Review competitor plans and effect of products and services in management.

Prepare pricing strategies according to customer budgets and procurement methods.

Maintain all communication with Director.

Evaluate market trends and provide appropriate support to product development.

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