Planning Director Responsibilities and Duties

Implement all strategies for various projects as per client requirement.

Plan appropriate strategies in coordination with planning team.

Analyze all trends and identify and resolve all market trends.

Coordinate with various teams to prepare all proposals for various functional project teams.

Maintain understanding of various strategies on worldwide projects and design all creative presentation to develop and implement various projects.

Partner with all cross functional project team to execute all online marketing strategies.

Maintain knowledge on all users and interactive trends and identify all client growth requirements and implement all processes.

Manage all associate resources for same and ensure compliance to budget.

Supervise all development strategies and perform competitive research and analyze all trends.

Assist all creative and analysis team to design appropriate marketing and communication strategies.

Recommend appropriate solution for all clients to facilitate increase in businesses and analyze all research results and assist to position brand efficiently.

Manage and monitor all social trends required for client business.

Analyze all information to prepare comprehensive advertising strategies for all projects.

Ensure efficient use of all qualitative methods for all project plans in coordination with research groups.

Analyze all trends and perform study on impact on all consumer behavior and maintain knowledge on all perceptions of brand to ensure compliance to all client requirements.

Coordinate with creative team to provide all required information on all product features.

Prepare presentations for all clients and agency staff.

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