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Business Valuation Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Business-Unit-Manager-Responsibilities-ImageAnalyze business transactions and problems and prepare appropriate financial models.

Analyze market trends and issues, perform valuation analysis, create reports and determine new opportunities.

Collect business data from different sources and conduct benchmark analysis.

Create reports of findings, tables, charts and communicate business valuation personnel regarding complex issues.

Contribute in preparing customers’ business proposal and interact with them to collect data.

Provide support in analyzing different technical issues specific to company.

Interact with management and present relevant information effectively.

Manage appraisals and administration activities with regard to resources.

Create cash flow forecasts and analyse financial condition and profitability of business.

Manage files and databases of public company.

Prepare and maintain relevant documents.

Ensure adherence to quality in all work products.

Provide guidance and support to team members in order to deliver project successfully.

Manage different responsibilities and assignments.

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