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Table Games Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise all dealer games and ensure fair transactions and schedule maintenance of poker room and ensure integrity of all games.

Assist to resolve all game disputes efficiently according to binding floor calls.

Coordinate with multiple departments to provide efficient staffing of all poker room and administer all financial transactions for cashiers and dealers.

Develop required guidelines and provide training to staff members to facilitate efficient usage of all casino policies and procedures.

Develop effective training programs and supervise working of all employees.

Supervise efficient working of all gaming areas and manage opening and closing of all table games for dealers and perform regular inspection of all car decks.

Maintain record of all losses and bet amounts and administer accuracy of all payouts and analyze all table game activity and assist to resolve all issues for guests and employees.

Maintain all table games and prepare required reports to resolve all customer inquiries and coordinate with various departments to maintain optimal level of services.

Assist to transfer all transaction from cashiers to customers and administer all games shifts and resolve all queries from customers and prepare required paperwork for all processes.

Participate in all staff meetings and resolve all guest complaints within required timeframe and supervise efficient working of all table game departments.

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