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Fea Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Participate in finite element modeling and analyze problems in thermal and thermo-fluids domain in high and low temperature range.

Involve in finite element modeling and analysis in structural domain responding to linear and non-linear problems.

Conduct finite element modeling and analysis in electro-magnetic and multi-physics domain.

Perform modeling of mechanisms for kinematics, dynamics and force analysis.

Head engineering programs involving FEA & CFD for new product designs and modifications to meet customer requirements.

Support strategic planning and deployment of additional CAE modeling processes to accelerate product development.

Manage outsourced FEA support as required when local resources cannot meet demand.

Provide stress and structural support to design and certification groups based on given geometry model.

Translate actual problem to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model, interpret analysis results and select best solution.

Review project-related analysis result to ensure project accuracy.

Interpret analysis results and convert them to design suggestions.

Interpret analysis results with lab testing results.

Investigate opportunities to limit required testing and reduce certification costs with FEA analysis.

Provide weight reduction suggestions for existing programs.

Gather evidence for FAA use of FEA simulation results as certification tools.

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