On Site Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Provide staffing and management support to all employees for various assignments at customer premises.

Maintain contacts with customer’s leaders and analyze requirements and service quality and sort out any relevant issues.

Prepare all personnel documentation perform orientation of new employees, prepare reports for employee payroll and timecard.

Assist employees in check-ins, training and management of associate employees and documents all future requirements.

Maintain knowledge on current staffing pattern and foresee future staff requirement to facilitate timely recruitment.

Provide an interface with potential candidates and clients to provide an update on order status.

Prepare accurate documentation of client and applicant information.

Perform interview on potential candidates to analyze behavioral pattern and carry out relevant background checks to understand suitability for employment.

Coordinate with employees to answer all queries and provide counseling as routine procedure.

Monitor and update database information related to employee assignments and existing openings.

Provide safe working environment to employees and customers through efficient training programs.

Develop creative solutions to satisfy customer requirements.

Prepare customized and special project reports to meet customer demands.

Manage various projects and ensure completion within deadline by attending to every detail of assigned projects.

Maintain record of all company status by exhibiting ethical and strong business dealings.

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