On Site Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Provide high level customer service and ensure compliance to all company’s rules and regulations.

Ensure customer satisfaction by responding to customer enquiries in responsive manner.

Manage daily on-site operations such as headcount, check-ins of employees to ensure staff’s availability during working hours.

Train all temporary employees and new hired staff in line with company policies and procedures.

Organize business review meetings with clients to improve performance continuously and qualitatively.

Monitor all company activities and ensure compliance with company procedures and policies.

Recruit, train and induct employees to achieve and maintain designed staffing pattern.

Organize and conduct interviews and perform background investigation and provide on site tests to all prospective employees.

Coordinate with supervisors and management to plan activities for higher productivity on production site.

Develop and maintain relationship with management and supervisors to resolve employee issues, concerns and grievances as per existing company policy.

Develop ways to retain all employees through motivation and encouragement.

Manage employee pool by hiring, retaining or terminating of same, evaluate performance and counsel employees to improve performance.

Maintain weekly temporary payroll and employee personal files to facilitate effective personnel management.

Provide orientation to employees in terms of company values and culture to affiliate employees as per organizational requirement.

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