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Component Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all designers to perform component research and participate in component life cycle and evaluate all components for various processes.

Monitor, identify and resolve all lifecycle issues and assist various teams to identify appropriate resources and substitutes for components.

Analyze and develop solutions to resolve all issues associate with obsolete components and supplies and perform component level tests and perform various experiments on components.

Perform various tests and evaluate all components and assemblies and analyze all failures for same.

Ensure compliance to all lead free solder process and ensure compliance to all component designs and coordinate with team members to reduce timeframe for all products.

Review and interpret all component data sheets and evaluate all components for various product applications and assist to assemble and solder all new components and perform required tests on same.

Manage all communication with manufacturers and distributors on all supply components and evaluate all results effectively.

Administer ECR databases and maintain log of all requests and assist to resolve same and prepare reports for all component results and maintain progress for same on monthly basis.

Document and provide support to all component activities and perform tests on product releases to ensure qualification of all products.

Coordinate with engineering staff to evaluate and resolve all manufacturing issues for various products and document all procedures according to company standards.

Evaluate all design and perform tests on various devices and ensure compliance to all international electrical emission.

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