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Applications Support Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage teams to secure fitness of resources and resolve all problems.

Provide technical support to all applications and resolve issues.

Secure clear possession of problem identification, its analysis, impact analysis and solutions

Evaluate all problem and impact analysis and recommend solutions and workarounds,

Prepare management report to review same for precision and totality of contents.

Assist representatives from counterparts of application and resource planning and comprehend all business requirement and prepare documents.

Coordinate with development team and provide support to all onshore and off shore sites.

Develop and maintain all multiple interfaces for customer applications.

Supervise everyday requests for matters related to growth, resources and vendors and resolve issues related to production and development

Administer all upcoming plug-ins, new service packs and versions and ensure effective implementation to provide better services.

Assist HP (PPM Vendor) to resolve issues related to technicalities and infrastructure.

Develop and update all documentation pertaining to trainings of HP PPM and provide training to customer groups in execution of these tools.

Analyze all requirements, prepare use cases and supervise project plans.

Coordinate with vendors and other business users and provide technicalassistance for all applications.

Administer all implementation issues and generate short-term resolution, as well as long term preventive measures for development.

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