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Applications Support Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Assist business groups to develop understanding about their operations andtechnology solutions to streamline work.

Assist IT team members determine appropriate application deliverables suited to application business

Perform analysis and implement various applications and provide support to Platform Technology department and other business units.

Monitor all applications its execution and sustain full proof processes in lines of business needs.

Coordinate with members of IT department and business owners in order to secure cross-functional cognizance and employability.

Develop reports for implementation of procedures and plans associated with application development and provide ongoing sustenance.

Develop and maintain relations with 3rd party support and vendors and provide support.

Provide assistance to helpdesk members and other customers to secure easy and timely assistance in organization for all levels.

Maintain knowledge on all technologies,architectures tools which provide application-based solutions.

Coordinate with various departments within MTVN including development department, technical department, customer service.

Administer all building activities like development of data models, application codes, on-line support and planning related tests.

Sustain and develop all technology trends which help in application development by participating in lectures, conferences and trade publications

Coordinate with other departments and perform assessment and execution of new technologies, outputs and tools used in the development area pertaining to application.

Analyze and oversaw effective implementation of all projects that incorporate supervision and project task processes.

Develop work schedules, evaluate resources and ensure compliance to budget and cost control activities

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