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Associate Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with staff and clients to develop and enhance all applications and scripts and ensure efficient maintenance of all programming logic and code according to company standards.

Evaluate all new tools and perform tests on all new and update modules and maintain optimal Quality Assurance in all products.

Provide support to all business applications, analyze system and develop new and perform updates on modules and systems.

Perform regular analysis on all process activities and collaborate with online systems technical team to resolve all pertinent business processes and issues.

Develop tests for all processes and monitor effective implementation of all new applications and provide support to Software Development Life Cycle and identify all issues on same.

Coordinate with clients and analyze all business requirements and develop information systems to ensure smooth transition to all business systems.

Ensure optimal utilization of all hardware and software technologies and implement all automated systems for all software and hardware technologies.

Supervise all business processes, prepare reports as per requirements and evaluate same to ensure optimal implementation of all applications in systems.

Documents all technical design and maintain various tools and applications to ensure achievement of all functional requirements.

Design all style sheets and work flow diagrams and perform unit tests on same and provide support to all Quality Assurance activities.

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