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Chief Software Architect Reponsibilities and Duties

Develop and execute various technologies within fast pace environment and implement various backend components for software applications.

Design and evaluate all third party tools and ensure incorporation in architecture.

Manage all real time protocols for web and implement all core components.

Administer all present engineering processes and provide support to large software teams.

Design software architecture and provide support to all transactions for high volume and implement all standards and tools in company technology architecture.

Analyze and documents al product designs and associated various applications for all software systems.

Manage all communication with various developers and resolve all conflicts within team.

Design various prototypes and prepare efficient designs and provide codes to facilitate all product releases.

Coordinate with product management team and analyze all functional and non functional software projects requirement.

Maintain knowledge on industry developments and incorporate same into all company programs.

Collaborate with technical department and ensure efficient release of all product release and scale and recommend modifications and improvements to all products and services through regular analysis.

Supervise and provide training to all junior engineers in organization for various software systems.

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