Software Development Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Develop complex solutions to all business problems along with customer engagements by detailed analysis, negotiation and coordination with main decision makers.

Utilize innovation, experience and judgment to take decisions on basis of partial information.

Develop all innovative solutions for problems not including precedent.

Identify new products as well as processes to attain strategic business objectives.

Ensure to take decisions strategic in nature, long-term consequence and pertinent to financial performance, business strategy and effectual resource utilization.

Prepare systems diagrams and flow charts to support problem analysis.

Head responsibility to prepare design documentation.

Design, code, debug, test and record software as per organization’s systems standards, policies, procedures and security requirements.

Prepare test data for string, unit and parallel testing.

Evaluate business needs and develop software solutions inclusive of custom developed as well as off shelf software.

Interact with I/T, vendors, business users and clients to define existing and future application needs.

Implement goals as well as strategy within responsibility area.

Contribute to all strategic decisions having impact on discipline.

Lead global programs of large scale contributing to corporation’s success.

Comply with established procedures for project maintenance tasks.

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