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Software Integration Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop integration interface across JAVA, .NET, C++ and other platforms.

Communicate between company overseas software development teams and local customers.

Define system specifications, input/output processes and hardware or software compatibility.

Engage in subsystems’ design analysis and integrate with overall system.

Extend technical support during preparation, installation and system maintenance.

Create professional technical documentations and present for internal and external use.

Code integration activities and perform branch integration.

Apply current skills to assist custom tool to build next generation operating systems and developer workspace management.

Develop and automate change validation to tools before roll out and handle validation.

Modify custom tools and engage in new tool development.

Evaluate, select, roll out and support off-shelf tools to improve developer productivity.

Contribute towards team, department and company goals.

Integrate interface together with project managers.

Execute and upgrade integrated interfaces.

Assist clients to test integrated interfaces.

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