VoIP Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare design specification plans as per customer requirement and provide appropriate enterprise solutions for architecture.

Coordinate with technicians and perform installation and migrations of various tehcncology solutions within network.

Develop architecture plans for voice services and prepare appropriate budgets and specifications for projects.

Monitor efficient working of all complex and multifaceted projects.

Perform research and develop new technologies and evaluate work of support suppliers.

Evaluate work and ensure compliance to all infrastructure standards and polices for various supplier proposed solutions.

Analyze customer requirement for advance service products coordinate with business firms and develop appropriate voice solutions for customers.

Collaborate with internal staff and supplier and develop product integration strategies.

Design RFPs for project requirement, coordinate with vendors and evaluate bids to recommend appropriate product for select network.

Perform analysis on trunk utility and optimize IP and PBX Communication server for capacity building.

Coordinate with vendors, analyze appropriate product offering and develop new products and services for network.

Assist management with all high priority projects and prepare technical presentations.

Perform troubleshoot on all voice services for all LAN and WAN hardware modules and configure appropriate communication media modules.

Design and execute various Cisco Unity configurations and provide support to Unified Messaging.

Monitor all customer inquiries and ensure appropriate resolution of same.

Plan network capacity for network and perform troubleshoot on existing network.

Analyze all security problems on network and develop new technologies to cater it.

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