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Associate Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise all designs and construction of various rural projects and prepare reports for same.

Design various construction drawings and associate documents, coordinate with managers and specialists to plan production and analyze all samples for construction site.

Evaluate all designs of vendors and make appropriate recommendation to site engineer.

Assist to prepare project plans and associate design sheets and provides technical support to technical staff at all times.

Analyze projects and estimate all requirements and project cost and analyze same with all infrastructure funding grants and prepare reports for all project finances.

Prepare engineering reports and evaluate all engineering works in sanitation and health facilities.

Analyze and recommend improvement to all processes and reduce costs of all projects and initiate increase in performance.

Maintain manufacturing database and develop new productions with of help of lean methodologies.

Compile all reports and assist to implement all manufacturing methods and capital equipment associated functions.

Provide training to new staff on various engineering processes and operations and develop Standards Operating procedures.

Monitor all machines, review all performance and ensure compliance to all gauge measurements and initiate corrective measurements in some cases.

Perform troubleshoot on all engineering processes and modify or replace with new parts as per requirement.

Administer all machines, facilitate changes and reset machines completely if required.

Perform test and troubleshoot on all machine procedures to maintain vacuum and cryogenic equipment.

Manage all electronic and laser equipments and document all procedures at time of new product introduction.

Monitor various projects and ensure effective performance of engineering processes and perform tests on same.

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