Project Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Research on project’s market conditions and trends and determine the economic impact.

Schedule and coordinate video conferences, speaking engagements, programs and meetings.

Support development of division protocols and policies.

Coordinate and engage in departmental meetings and committees.

Manage projects from design and development to production.

Strategize for contingency planning and risk mitigation and schedule project deliverables, milestones and goals.

Direct and monitor project engineering team and group conflicts.

Collect technical requirements for application installation from customer.

Offer technical feasibility feedback and coordinate weekly update meetings with implementation team and client.

Ensure central repository storage and accuracy of client documentation by maintaining project artifacts.

Organize booking resources, meetings and participant scheduling and prepare meeting materials.

Develop and manage project documents and disseminate meeting minutes.

Compile client status reports and perform quality control to ensure accuracy and contract compliance of reports.

Manage investigator payment database along with Project Analyst.

Request, track and process purchase orders and generate project change order log.

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