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Customer Service Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to provide excellent customer service through phone, e-mail, chat, etc. in timely and accurate manner.

Serve as liaison between customer support team, management and customer to improve customer service and business productivity.

Analyze customer complaints and provide appropriate corrective actions.

Assist directly or route customers to the appropriate personnel for assistance.

Ensure customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs in courteous and timely manner.

Track, follow-up and resolve customer’s outstanding issues in a timely fashion.

Develop customer service programs in order to provide outstanding service.

Prepare documentation and reports on routine customer correspondence for future reference purpose.

Assist in training peers on improving customer support service.

Develop and maintain in-depth product knowledge.

Conduct customer surveys about the company’s service so as to obtain feedback.

Communicate customer feedback to technical and marketing teams in order to develop processes for better serving customers.

Maintain weekly reports on customer inquiries, responses and feedback so as to develop customer service analytics and trends.

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