Database Administrator DBA Responsibilities and Duties

Administer and maintain all activities associate with database and ensure optimal performance.

Provide support to SQL Server through various activities.

Maintain all Parallax operations and provide support to database operations.

Monitor database and application levels and ensure work according to user privileges.

Coordinate with various teams and monitor all replication and recovery procedures for database.

Design physical database and recommend optimizations of existing databases.

Determine development and test for various systems.

Prepare appropriate documents for all tests procedures for databases.

Manage database and validate it to ensure integrity of data.

Monitor database performance and monitor efficient working.

Install various patches and releases on various software.

Provide support for resource utilization and prepare appropriate reports for same.

Coordinate with security administrators and participate in various user access processes.

Manage all recertification process for connectivity.

Prepare schedule for backup for various operating systems.

Coordinate with development team and manage all technical specifications.

Provide an estimate of various programs and projects.

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