Decision Support Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Design and develop data reporting systems for business operations.

Support managers on data gathering and analyzing activities.

Work with management to prioritize and synthesize information needs.

Provide processed data to team members as per their needs.

Perform data analysis using various statistical procedures.

Maintain a data repository to provide appropriate information that help in strategic planning and decision making.

Gather and process project data, financial data and other business data as requested by managers.

Manage data integrity and accuracy of the productivity system.

Assist in developing annual operating budgets.

Plan and develop decision support systems that help manager in making business analysis and decisions.

Test all upgrades and new systems for any errors.

Troubleshoot and resolve system problems in a timely fashion.

Recommend enhancements to the decision support systems.

Mentor other team members on utilization and functionality of decision support system.

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