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eCommerce Marketing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Implement all email marketing programs for press and consumers and administer all special merchandising and sampling and provide update all product launches and prepare worksheet for new products and recommend retail price for same.

Perform search engine optimization for site to facilitate sales for same and analyze all requirements of web designers and programmers and respond to same on regular basis and resolve all issues on sites through maintenance of database.

Administer all online marketing strategies and ensure quick check out process for customer and maintain track of competitive website at all times and monitor all illegal brand products on website.

Maintain track of all online orders of customers and coordinate with various outside search engines to ensure optimal SEO for website and manage all product launches and feeds and prepare reports for same.

Implement all new email service providers and execute effective marketing strategies to enhance customer experiences and provide support to all PR events in case of product launches and administer all sales promotions through various ecommerce stores.

Prepare all briefs and evaluate all marketing communication strategies to monitor its effectiveness and assist to increase both online and offline promotional of all ecommerce activities.

Coordinate with international product team and execute various online product marketing campaigns on global sites and administer product lifecycle and develop various pricing strategies and perform competitor analysis.

Provide all offline marketing activities and assist to increase local product licenses for all processes and develop an effective estore and recommend improvements in sales processes.

Provide customer support at all times and ensure achievement of all customer targets and prepare and efficient workflow of all activities and administer all development of content of production of all release cycles.

Administer everyday activities at eStore and forecast all monthly sales and develop efficient eCommerce strategies to maximize revenue for site and implement various promotional strategies.

Prepare reports for all sales and promotions and monitor all site metrics and analyze competitor market and gather knowledge on latest technology in process.

Develop and maintain effective online marketing channels and evaluate performance for same and design promotional activities to acquire new customers.

Collaborate with web team and global marketing units to design content for weekly emails and supervise development of HTML and monitor all product descriptions.

Administer all product availability and manage all images for all products and implement effective marketing strategies across all platforms and assist to design various acquisition strategies.

Monitor copywriting processes and prepare content for all acquisition efforts and analyze all campaigns.

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