ERP Programmer Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Support existing Oracle functionality for business units by involving entirely in development process for new business initiatives.

Revise functional requirements with business units and develop technical specification as required.

Design, develop, record and test all new code enhancements to existing Oracle Applications product suite.

Manage consultants on project by project basis or technical assignments.

Analyze user specifications and requirements for ERP programs.

Encode, test, debug and record programs on large scale for complex projects.

Revise and update programs and documentation as required.

Develop SAP or PeopleSoft server enterprise application tables, panels, and reports.

Convert data, develop code and produce and execute unit tests.

Identify and resolve ERP program testing issues.

Develop codes for individual modules and functions.

Provide ERP program technical documentation verification and installation testing.

Conduct software integration and external interface development.

Interact with Oracle Support in management of SRs and coordinate any patch and code deployments with DBA.

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