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ETL Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

Implement procedures to maintain, monitor, backup and recover operations for ETL environment.

Report regularly on health and performance of ETL environment and jobs.

Conduct ETL optimization, troubleshooting and debugging.

Maintain ownership of release activities interacting with ETL projects.

Perform import and export ETL jobs across various ETL projects and servers.

Provide development support to ETL application development teams.

Establish projects, roles, users, privileges in different ETL environments (DEV, QA, PROD).

Perform and assume other duties and responsibilities as required at direction of management.

Perform administration of IBM Database and ETL tool.

Collaborate with US data warehouse and ETL developers to implement ETL solutions.

Establish ETL admin as part of team responsible for building out and maintaining US data warehouse.

Record and maintain ETL software and operational procedures.

Perform independently with little direct supervision in administration of ETL.

Provide detailed analysis of problems and recommend solutions.

Conduct troubleshooting production and ETL job issues.

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