Network Operations Center Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Deliver and supervise delivery of software and system development to ensure efficient production.

Prepare status reports and enhance integration to evaluate all upgradation production infrastructures.

Monitor and check ISP connection, firewalls and VPN gateways.

Oversee all production networks, servers and services.

Maintain network security systems, processes and prepare associate documentation for all work.

Design and prepare update for all trouble tickets through various troubleshooting programs and upgrade ticketing systems.

Manage rolling out and resolve complicated issues via call center agency.

Monitor and resolve all issues of ticketing system.

Manage and implement change management procedure and systems.

Prepare status reports and upkeep of schedule routine system maintenance.

Determine and manage architectural system, provide upgrade and ensure completion of all operational documents.

Provide technical assistance and formulate equipment configuration as client requirement.

Design and execute different sorts of monitoring programs, implementation of policies and standardization of networking system.

Monitor implementation of Microsoft related methods in support of PCI programs.

Administer and design responses to overtake VMWARE mistakes and warnings.

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