Network Planning Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop plans and enhance implementation of overall strategies to establish proper and efficient network.

Perform regular assessment and recommend internal drawbacks of the organizations.

Administer and optimize backbone of networking system and validate design.

Ensure compliance to NTTE to Capacity Planning norms.

Design business plans and budgetary programs for every fiscal year.

Develop and prepare budget reports to fortify management board.

Implement different networking systems to facilitate various growth oriented programs within budget.

Manage all communication with NTT and Liaison teams.

Collaborate with NTT Com, establish rapport with team leaders and third parties to fulfill dream.

Design plans to upgrade monitoring agency for all round development of networking systems.

Assist and provide backup to improvement of PoP migration plans and methods to upgrade FE&P.

Assist employees and provide support to Network Planning team.

Analyze and upgrade all activities for instance new process and tools.

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