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Oracle Functional Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Provide end user support for all applications and assist to resolve all issues in programs and provide upgrade and enhancements to various oracle functional projects.

Analyze and perform tests on all software development life cycle for oracle applications according to business requirements and prepare solutions to provide end user support.

Maintain and update knowledge on Oracle applications and installations and perform tests on all new releases and patches and assist in recovery of validation processes.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all managers and end users and provide support to all IT functions on rotational basis to resolve all complex production issues.

Maintain all documentation for change control management and prepare records for software development cycle and prepare solutions for all enhancements.

Design all functional design documents, prepare functional applications and perform tests on all enhancements and ensure resolution for all business systems and analyze all existing system and develop appropriate systems.

Develop system models, diagrams and programs in coordination with project managers and sponsors.

Collaborate with project stakeholders and analyze all products through appropriate methods.

Determine all oracle functional requirements and coordinate with stakeholders to analyze all project requirements and determine efficient improvement process.

Perform research and evaluate all functions to develop efficient processes and ensure compliance to all standards.

Collaborate with developers and project team and ensure optimal transition of user requirements into functional ones.

Design prototypes and prepare reports for all findings and prepare various models and diagrams.

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