Systems Integration Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare performance test plans for new product releases.

Develop logical and innovative performance test scenarios and test data for SOA applications and database components.

Run performance test scenarios, track and report on key performance metrics.

Document slow performing application areas and determine bottlenecks and opportunities for performance enhancements.

Tune systems for optimal performance and characterize systems on multiple platforms.

Handle performance test environment to build deployments, performance test data, scripts and tools.

Maintain systems integrity by defining requirements architecture.

Support project lifecycle from commencement to completion.

Coordinate with client and team members and resolve issues, reduce risk and enhance user satisfaction.

Suggest on test and evaluation strategies for major systems installations.

Coordinate and resolve issues impacting railroad operation during project construction phase.

Troubleshoot system operating deficiencies and assess corrective alternatives.

Interact with program area staff to take corrective action against system warranty issues.

Write content for new policies, procedures and services.

Troubleshoot and update database through Structured Query Language.

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