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Systems Safety Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Implement and evaluate all system safety programs.

Provide training to all personnel for all safety evaluation processes and oversee all activities for programs.

Evaluate all program documents and resolve all safety issues and coordinate with system assurance manager to analyze all safety requirements.

Participate in various safety regulations and recommend modifications to existing design and ensure compliance to all organization requirements and administer all human safety.

Analyze and perform assessment on all safety hazards and recommend improvements to all human factor engineering processes and ensure optimal integration of safety features on designs and Provide required training to same and ensure compliance to all customer requirements.

Develop integrated system analysis plans.

Coordinate with system and software engineering process for all user cases and determine all software safety requirements and prepare required presentation for all safety evaluation meetings.

Develop and participate in all test activities and ensure compliance to all safety requirements and evaluate all system engineering documents.

Perform required tests and monitor all work according to state and federal regulations.

Develop and implement all safety policies and procedures and coordinate with management staff to identify all risks and prepare reports for same.

Evaluate all system safety engineering requirements and coordinate with company engineers to maintain quality of all processes.

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