Admissions Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Provide administrative support including document filing, book-keeping, and faxing during the admission process.

Assist in student admission processes based on state and federal laws.

Explain the school policies and enrolment process to the students and their families.

Provide assistance to students in completing admission forms and other related paperwork.

Provide assistance for housing needs, tuition fee collection, and part time jobs for students.

Review the new student lists with the Admissions Head and Finance personnel.

Schedule student appointments and interviews for admission process.

Collaborate with team members to complete and validate the admission files of students.

Implement strategic plans and initiatives to achieve the enrolment objectives.

Organize educational presentations as per the direction of the Admissions Head.

Plan and organize admission related events and activities.

Provide support to Admission Director in managing a team of Admission Representatives.

Address student queries and complaints in timely fashion.

Coordinate with the admission team to schedule admission and recruitment programs.

Maintain a student admissions database with clear and complete student enrolment files.

Maintain a cordial relationship with the management, students, faculties and administrative teams for smooth operations.

Coordinate with marketing communications team for preparing or updating admission materials, college publications and web sites.

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