Residence Life Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Develop all community associate individual rights and ensure achievement of all objectives and supervise efficient working of all community coordinator and evaluate all work and provide training if required and oversee all resident students.

Perform regular inspection of all student housing facilities and identify all issues and perform regular maintenance of facility in coordination with various departments and maintain records of all student check in and checkout and provide support to all emergency situations.

Collaborate with external vendors to resolve all maintenance and repair issues within required timeframe and maintain all residence student housing programs and evaluate work of student services team to ensure compliance to all individual requirements of students.

Partner with admissions department to forecast all housing requirements for term and assist housekeeping staff to maintain cleanliness of facilities at all times and maintain availability of all resources.

Provide assistance to all students in adapting to environment and ensure all activities of facility according to required policies and procedures and provide required training to resident assistant staff and design student hall council and monitor all housing community activities.

Assist to resolve all student conduct issues and execute all housing policies and procedures and maintain all student records within required timeframe and coordinate with student service department to provide professional services at all times.

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