Resident Director Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee efficient working of resident adviser staff and provide support to all departmental standards and participate in all student staff requirements and provide training to all staff members.

Manage all judicial processes such as preparing investigating reports and participating in all conference and maintain accurate student records and recommend required room changes.

Administer all student caseload and maintain all records for same and participate in all student meetings and ensure compliance to all residential life conduct process and guidelines.

Provide support to all student groups and collaborate with hall council leaders and provide assistance to staff members in all processes.

Manage and implement all university and crisis response and coordinate with student life professionals to utilize optimal resources and monitor all marketing activities and associate events and promotions for all resident activities.

Maintain all resources for site personnel and ensure achievement of all resident community objectives and execute all resident life programs and design departmental program models.

Oversee working of resident advisors and execute all programs and coordinate with various students and provide required educational support to all communities.

Design all principles of equality and respect for staff and students and assist in hall council processes.

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