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Electro Mechanical Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Perform with subcontractors and General Contractor to oversee IBA equipment installation.

Ensure to complete installation needs as stated by site management.

Design and develop products and systems like cables, connectors and penetrators.

Prepare guidelines and procedures to develop company products as per specifications and schedules using safest and cost effective processes.

Research and evaluate data for customer design proposal, parameters and manuals to identify design and application feasibility.

Develop and maintain relations with other departments for optimum product development focusing toward product standardization.

Direct and coordinate installation of fabrication activities to ensure systems and products comply with electro-mechanical engineering design along with customer specifications.

Review and approve electro-mechanical engineering designs before manufacture to ensure design review conformance and repetitive errors elimination.

Provide technical assistance to clients and company’s representatives.

Interact with motor design engineer and chief engineer to utilize engineering data for defining and developing design concepts to attain client requirements.

Develop preliminary, final as well as working layouts related to electro-mechanical engineering.

Estimate engineering time and complete dimensional studies of projects.

Perform calculations, qualify, analyze and test units.

Evaluate, interpret and execute commercial, military and customer specifications for materials, processes and finishes.

Interact with customers, vendors and other outside representatives on specific matters related with product design.

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