Plant Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all large reciprocating generator sets and provide support to all equipment’s.

Maintain all plant facility within required timeframe and monitor all unit outages and manage all communication for projects.

Manage and ensure achievement of all operation objectives.

Provide training to all team members to achieve same and collect all data for all plant operations.

Design and implement all processes according to required policies and processes.

Manage all continuous improvement processes for all cross functional team and recommend improvements to same.

Assist all team members to ensure optimal level of quality for all internal and external customers.

Participate in all improvement meetings and provide training to all employees and provide support to all product development activities.

Coordinate with various departments to manage all activities for plant such as shipping, operations and safety activities and monitor inventory of all products.

Prepare strategies to provide support to all purchasing plans and ensure accuracy in inventory.

Maintain efficient safety according to company standards and achieve all plant operational goals and design plant budget for all company assets and capital expenditure plans for all short term and long term objectives.

Coordinate with plant marketing manager to achieve all plant and regional objectives.

Assist all company officers to develop and activities for plant operations and maintain high standards for all procedures within customer and company quality standards.

Design and implement all inventory control procedures and coordinate with department managers to achieve all department communication activities.

Provide training and evaluate working of all plant staff.

Ensure compliance to all company policies and ensure adherence to all federal and state regulations and assist human resource departments to complete all tasks.

Monitor inventory level and assist in replenishment of same within required timeframe and ensure compliance to all consumer requirements.

Supervise all delivery and logistic schedule and determine required production targets to reduce cost and facilitate required changes to maintain product quality at all times.

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