Power Plant Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Document stream flow and river level data.

Conduct equipment maintenance.

Support boilers and equipment startup and shutdown.

Lubricate equipment and machinery.

Engage in educational training and safety programs.

Handle control room operator backfill.

Match phase, frequency and voltage electricity supplied to panels by controlling generator output.

Oversee and check power plant equipment to determine operating problems evidence.

Refill electrolyte in batteries and oil in voltage transformers and reset tripped electric relays.

Handle generators, auxiliary pumping equipment and power plant devices to connect or disconnect equipment from circuits.

Gather oil, water and electrolyte samples of lab analysis.

Interact with systems operations to coordinate transmission loads, frequencies and line voltages.

Check and test electrical power distribution machinery and equipment with testing devices.

Get outage calls and contact personnel during power outages and emergencies.

Document and compile operational data, complete and maintain forms, logs and reports.

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