Optimization Engineer Reponsibilities and Duties

Monitor and provide enhancement to all key operating variables and design various new scientific methods for all risk management.

Develop various prototype models and administer all optimization from conceptualization to validation.

Perform regular research on all processes and design new optimization algorithms.

Prepare various audit production plan and assist to process all test plans efficiently.

Collaborate with operations and supervisors and monitor all activities to process various tests.

Administer all control process equipments and analyze all risks.

Manage all communication with various departments to mitigate all unit risks.

Prepare and update various optimization daily plans and provide appropriate feedback to all operations.

Gather all data for PR process and analyze all incidents and prepare inventory reports on everyday basis.

Perform troubleshoot on all variable operating expenses and analyze all procedures.

Analyze all production plans and evaluate all downtime against plans.

Provide support to all environmental and health plans and evaluates all plans for same.

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