Planning Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare various strategies for all planning activities for projects.

Maintain all asset investment plans and ensure compliance to capital expenditure.

Ensure accuracy for all operational requirements for projects and achieve all investment objectives.

Evaluate all system capacity and analyze all production requirement and system deficiencies.

Provide support to all operations and extension requests.

Manage work as per component technical resource for all Water System Plans and assist to prepare all capital plans and project requirements.

Analyze all engineering activities for all internal and external departments.

Prepare required presentation for all regulatory agencies.

Develop required to enhance performance of planning projects.

Manage all communication and provide efficient feedback for all processes.

Ensure optimal utilization of all common tools and processes.

Prepare plans and schedule for all project delivery.

Recommend appropriate improvements and ensure optimal quality of all project schedules and evaluate reports.

Perform regular analysis of all schedule trends.

Maintain an efficient performance of all schedule and analyze all software tools and assist in transmission and distribution of all various projects.

Administer all distribution and transmission system.

Manage all customer site and maintain product suite for all applications.

Evaluate all alternative transmissions for all distribution systems and install all required AMSC products.

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