Environmental Health and Safety Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Provide engineering support to ensure Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) in industrial operations.

Conduct regular site inspections to determine environmental impacts.

Perform EHS audits and implement audit recommendations.

Work with management in determining EHS requirements and considerations.

Develop environmental programs in accordance with local, state and federal environmental regulations.

Maintain reports of all environmental activities as per OSHA and EPA compliances.

Educate employees on environmental health and safety practices.

Enforce industry best practices and provide assistance to employees when required.

Assess potential environmental risks and provide mitigation plans to reduce incidents.

Investigate environmental incidents and develop corrective action plans.

Work with management to manage employee’s compensation claims and work assignments.

Assist in development of pollution and waste control programs.

Evaluate safety of new industry processes and equipment.

Develop industrial safety and hygiene policies.

Perform inventory management for emergency response teams.

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